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AHMSA Commitment

AHMSA Commitment

For Altos Hornos de México and its companies, the philosophy of commitment to the welfare of its employees, their families and the communities that make up its area of influence, is the basic framework that governs all its industrial operations.

In addition to AHMSA’s joint participation with authorities in various community development programs, primarily educational, public safety, and urban cleaning, the work accomplished in the area of environmental protection is particularly worthy of  special mention.

For over fifteen years, environmental investments of more than 300 million dollars and activities aimed at protecting and preserving the surroundings within the mining and steelworks facilities, as well as in the communities, have positioned AHMSA as an example of high social responsibility.

All together, the ecological efforts undertaken surpass the requirements of the legal guidelines, foresee regulations that are in the process of being defined at the international level, and in many cases, such as the initiative for the control and exploitation of coal-associated methane gas, bring about changes and progress of a broader scope.