In addition to the management of its own ranches, AHMSA supports the conservationist activities that       are carried out at the “Candelaria” ranch “an animal management unit located in the municipality of   Caborca, Sonora

• Animal Management Unit (UMA)

• 50 mil hectares.

• Caborca, Sonora.

Current population:
• 2,000 mule deer and 200 bighorn sheep.


• A protected reserve consisting of 150 hectares for breeding of bighorn sheep, a species in danger of extinction.
• The conservation of an ecosystem in which, over the years, the natural development of the native flora and fauna of the have been protected.
• Through the various environmental actions implemented in its operations an in its area of influence, AHMSA and its companies apply an industrial philosophy that exceeds its legal obligations, foresees compliance with international control goals, and moves ahead with the certainty of leaving future generations the heritage of a better ecological environment