Since its privatization in 1991, Altos Hornos de México and its subsidiary companies have sustained a constant and intense interaction with the authorities and communities of their surroundings of influence, based in their philosophy of social responsibility.

The mutual seek for solutions with the governments and communitarian organizations, has allowed to face altogether different regional problems and to share the responsibility in their solution.

Thus for example, one of the first programs of communitarian attention was focused in the solution of the urban cleaning problem in the Central Region of Coahuila, where the two steelworks of the company are based.

In that matter, a high efficiency collection of urban garbage was designed, system equipped with automated trucks and thousands of containers specifically designed for those units located in the five municipalities of the region.

That program also included the acquisition of sweeping machines and the establishment of a regional landfill for the confinement of the residues generated by more than 350 thousand inhabitants of the center of Coahuila.

The Waste Disposal Foundation of the Central Region of Coahuila was established for its operation and financing. This organization counts as much on the contributions from Altos Hornos de México as of the municipalities of Monclova, Frontera, Castaños, San Buenaventura and Nadadores.

The acquisition of mechanized equipment was extended to other municipalities like Nava and Palaú, also in Coahuila, and to the projects already on development in order to provide with landfills the Coal and North regions of Coahuila.

The financial support and the joint operation of these systems with the local authorities are a successful example of the commitment of AHMSA with the population of its zones of influence.

With the addition of the urban cleaning systems to continuous supporting programs to the services of public security, health, education, social development, cultural activities and cooperation in public emergencies, show the important communitarian integration of AHMSA and its companies.