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Cold Rolled

Product and applications


  • Motors

  • Pipe

  • Appliances

  • Public Lighting

  • The grades presented in the manual of specifications represent our main product line. A minimum volume is required to manufacture certain grades and/or are subject to other restrictions.

    AHMSA´s cold rolled products comply with the highest international quality standards. Cold rolled steel, tinplate and tin-free steel production processes are certified under ISO 9002 standard. In order to satisfy the requirements of the automotive industry, AHMSA´s Cold-rolling mill Nº 2 received the QS 9000 standard certification and VDA 6.1.

    AHMSA are implementing the integrated system “Sistema de Administración AHMSA – SAA” (AHMSA’s System Management), its cover the standard ISO-9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

    AHMSA´s Cold-rolled facilities are also certified under the ISO 14001 standard, which allows a complete protection to the environment during the product manufacturing process.

    With a wide variety of grades and specifications in its cold rolled products, AHMSA fulfills the different steel applications required by the automotive, home appliance, motor lamination industries, among others. AHMSA is the only producer of tin-free steel and the main producer of tinplate in Mexico.

    • Carbon Steel for automotive use

    • Carbon Steel for large home appliances

    • Annealed-free carbon steel (full-hard)

    • Steel for electric use

    • High strenght and low alloy carbon steel (HSLA)

    • High Carbon Steel