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Tin Plate

Product and applications

The grades presented in the manual of specifications represent our main product line. A minimum volume is required to manufacture certain grades and/or are subject to other restrictions.

Tinplate is a low carbon steel sheet (base metal), coated on both sides with a thin layer of tin, throughout on electrolitic process. Since the tin firmly adheres to the base metal, the product may be press molded, stamped, drawn or bent and shaped into complex forms without the tin coating peeling off.

This product fully complies with ASTM A-624 Specifications and is supplied in coils of up to 12 metric tons or cut in sheets

AHMSA is the only producer of tinplate in Mexico

Types of Packaging

  • Bundles (sheet)

  • Standard (strapped)

  • Standard with paper

  • Overseas


  • Truck or railroad


  • Home Appliances

  • Galvanizers

  • Tapes & strapping

  • Perfileros

  • Electronics

  • Containers and lids

  • Pipe