The environmental actions at AHMSA have emphasized training and creation of awareness in the employees regarding the proper disposal of industrial waste. This has made it possible to reduce the production of hazardous waste by 31% over the last decade.

Internal Actions:

  • Proper classification of waste, with collection centers in each department.
  • Channeling waste to confinement or disposal systems through companies endorsed by the environmental authorities.
  • Program for destruction of all equipment that uses polychlorinated byphenils (PCB’s).
  • Programs in all units to gradually eliminate past environmental liabilities.
  • Rehabilitation of over 65 hectares of affected soils, transforming most of them into clean and reforested areas.

External Actions:

  • Initiative for the creation of a Board of Trustees for the Promotion of Cleaning of the Central Region of Coahuila, dedicated to the collection and adequate disposal of household waste.
  • Creation of a landfill by the Board of Trustees for the Promotion of Cleaning, for the safe confinement of the urban waste of 350,000 inhabitants of the Central Region of Coahuila.
  • As of 2010, more than 1.5 million metric tons of urban waste from the 5 municipalities that are represented on the Board of Trustees, have been confined in the Regional Landfill.
  • Provision of a network of dumpsters for urban waste, as well as vehicles for their collection.
  • A project with state and municipal authorities to establish similar systems for urban cleanup in the Carboniferous and Northern Regions of Coahuila.