AHMSA es subsidiaria de GAN, y es uno de los fabricantes más grandes de productos de acero en México, cuya actividad principal es la producción y venta de aceros planos y perfiles estructurales.

  • 1942

    Altos Hornos de México was incorporated on July 6th
  • 1944

    Cold Rolled and Tinned process started operating
  • 1946

    The first blast fumace started operating , as well as the steel-making of hot rolling process
  • 1976

    Second Steel plant starts operating with a bigger blast fumace
  • 1978

    AHMSA Faced several problems of debt, competitiviness, inefficiences and high environmental impact
  • 1991

    GAN acquired AHMSA and deposits of iron ore and coal (MIMOSA and MINOSA)
  • 1992

    The new administration invests US $1,000 milion to modernize its processes
  • 1994

    The 1992 investment starts operating at its optimal condition
  • 1999

    AHMSA declared suspension of payments due to decreasing steel prices
  • 2006

    AHMSA Starts project Fenix