The steps taken by AHMSA and its companies to ensure clean air in its operational environment have made possible a reduction of over 60% in the emission of particles per ton of liquid steel produced.

The efficiency of equipment and control systems is supplemented by a dust-control program in yards and roads, with a decrease in secondary emissions and improvement of the surroundings.


  • Elimination of the Siemens Martín open-hearth furnaces. Replacement by basic oxygen furnace (BOF) systems. The availability of gas washers on these systems made it possible to greatly reduce emission of particles.
  • Training of operators for the improvement and optimization of emission control practices.
  • Installation of modern equipment and new emission-control technologies in the main processes.
  • Application of digital monitoring systems that make it possible to control the behavior of steelworks emissions in real time.
  • Installation of total-suspended-particle monitoring stations.
  • Samplers for particles under 10 micrometers and measurement of particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers, that make it possible to comply with the official Mexican standards on these issues.
  • Permanent internal and external reforestation programs, with more than 20 thousand trees planted since 1992.
  • Establishment of the AHMSA Management System under the ISO 14001 standard, with over 2,000 samples per year and reports issued by a laboratory certified for compliance with the official standard.
  • Constant lobbying for adaptation of the legal framework to allow for the exploitation of coal-associated methane gas, accompanied by the elimination of current emissions to the atmosphere which are highly polluting.