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The company’s plate and coil production processes are certified under the ISO 9002 standard.

Hot rolled, uncut strip with mill edge, available in thicknesses from 0.059" to 0.500", depending on the complexity of the steel, is suitable for applications where Coil Break's extreme flatness and defect requirements are not strict, or where customers have the right equipment to reduce these effects.

  • Low, medium and high carbon steel
  • High formability steel for automotive parts
  • Steel for shapes and structures
  • Pressure vessel steel
  • Pipeline, casing, tubing and drilling pipe steel
  • Atmospheric corrosion resistant structural steel

Types of Packaging:

  • Standard
  • Standard with paper (for pickled)
  • Structural Steel, medium and high resistance
  • Overseas (for pickled)


  • Truck or railroad

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Metallic Products






Metallic Products

Our steel is the main support for the movement of your car.

Quality and safety in everyday life. 

Conduction and high resistance for the service of energetic transport. 

Our Steel facilitates the storage and distribution in the industrial chain

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