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Privacy Policy

Altos Hornos de México S.A.B. de C.V. and subsidiaries  (hereinafter AHMSA) ,  has as target the protection of  the personal information provided by its clients, suppliers and visitors registered in our web site, hereinafter “Users”, hereby AHMSA has set forth the following policies and lineaments to protect such information so far as possible, which may change without notice.

The information that we obtain from our users through our web site is used to improve our service in a professional manner. We do not collect  personal  information in our web site unless Users provide such information voluntarily.

The information provided by Users in order to subscribe to the web site, shall be used only by AHMSA for the aims intended  and with the  reservations of the case.

AHMSA does not compile Users’s personal identification data, except when  Users  freely provide such information by sending an e-mail or other notice to AHMSA through its web site.

AHMSA shall maintain appropriate protection mechanisms, which shall observe the industry regulations to guarantee the safety, integrity and privacy to the information provided by its Users.

AHMSA shall request personal information to  Users of the web site services only and exclusively to be able to provide information related with interactive activities such games, contests, chats, discussion forum, blogs, etc., therefore, AHMSA and its Users commit to make good use of such information.

The kind of information requested to Users of the web site services including but not limited to: name, email address (e-mail), date of birth, gender, occupation, country, city of origin, personal interests, among others.  It is important to mention that not all the information asked for at the moment of register to the web site services is obligatory, except such information AHMSA considers convenient and shall expressly inform Users at the moment of register.  AHMSA shall request personal information only when it considers necessary, for instance, at the moment Users desire  to participate in contest, games,  or promotions sponsored by AHMSA or third parties, in surveys to evaluate or to offer the web site services  in a more satisfactory manner, or when Users desire to concrete any purchase or place an order.

Users of the web site services, as mentioned, shall determinate free and voluntarily whether they desire or not to give the personal data that might be requested, understanding that if Users opt to do not provide obligatory information, such Users shall not be able to access to the services which that information is requested for, however, such Users shall have access to other services that do not request obligatory information.

Furthermore, Users may find in the web site, pages or links from AHMSA or third parties, promotions, games, contests, micro-sites, virtual stores, surveys, job opportunities, equipments and replacements sales, as well as the terms and conditions of sale, transparency mailbox, information about products and services, etc., therefore the information given by Users, shall be subject to  the privacy policies or legends of responsibility displayed in this section, and to the  web site terms and conditions.

Our Users shall have the option to “not participate” in receiving promotional information about products and services offered by AHMSA, when requested, AHMSA shall take the reasonable actions to allow Users, to update or correct  the personal information  formerly provided by Users  and that it is no longer valid, in addition, upon Users request, AHMSA shall take reasonable actions in commercial level in order to eliminate  systematically the  Users’  registry  and their personal data from its data base, however, it might be impossible to completely delete Users’ data by virtue of  the safety copies and the  deleted data registry.

This privacy and confidentiality agreement  is integral  part of the AHMSA  web site terms and conditions, and it constitutes a legally  valid agreement, therefore is valid between AHMSA and its Users.  Thus, Users acknowledge that if they use the web site services it shall be understood as they have read, understood, accepted,   and consequently agreed  with AHMSA  all  described  in the privacy  policies and lineaments stated, in case that Users do not agree with the privacy policies or with  the terms and conditions  forward described, they shall not provide any personal information, nor use this service.

AHMSA reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, this Policy does not constitutes any legal or contractual right, and does not intent do it on behalf of any  institution, neither on benefit of any person or institution, thus, is Users responsibility to be updated of possible changes that might occur.

AHMSA’s Compromise

In AHMSA we are committed to privacy and we are actively involved in the current industry initiatives to preserve the individual privacy rights.

Secutity and content provided by Users.

We use security protocols and standard mechanisms, whereby we request our Users that their registry  and password, must be confidentially protected.  In case Users use a public computer  we encourage Users to finish their internet session  by logout the session and closing the navigator page, in order to be   protected against the possibility that future users have access to their information.

AHMSA notifies their Users that some  web site services are open forums and they will not be supervised or monitored by  AHMSA, including but not limited to: i) discussion forums, ii) personal web pages (blogs), iii) classified advertisement, iv) electronic mail, v) chat rooms, etc. Therefore, all information reveled by of Users  through such services  might  be seen or used by third parties, AHMSA shall not be responsible for the use, publication, or disclosure of any of this information provided by Users.

As an exception of all mentioned above, Users are notified that by publishing or sending content   to AHMSA’s web site, Users automatically grant to AHMSA the right to use, reproduce, present, exhibit, adapt, modify, promote or distribute such content, in any way and for any legal aim. Furthermore, Users accept and grant that they own all the rights over such content and/or they have control over that information and such information and its use or publish  by AHMSA does not violate any third party rights. Users accept and confirm that they hall be responsible for  all content they  may publish or send.

Contact AHMSA

If you have any question or doubt related to privacy policies, please contact or if you prefer, you may  contact  our offices by writing to:

  • Altos Hornos de México, SAB de CV
  • Prolongación Juárez s/n
  • Col. La Loma
  • Monclova, Coahuila, CP 25770

All rights reserved. It is prohibited any  partial or total reproduction  regarding  any  part of  the AHMSA  web site content.

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