AMHSA Altos Hornos de México

The company’s plate and coil production processes are certified under the ISO 9002 standard.

 Cold rolled steel, tinplate and tin-free steel production processes are certified under ISO 9002 standard.

AHMSA manufactures hot rolled plate and hot rolled strip in grades and specifications that cover all steels for applications in the automotive and construction industries, as well as for the manufacture of heavy machinery, pipes, structures, pressure vessels, etc.

AHMSA is the only producer of tinplate in Mexico.

The product complies with ASTM A-675

Application and uses of steelWe are everywhere

Bottling and Packing
Food Industry
White Goods



Bottling and Packing

Food Industry

White Goods

We are part of the protection and safety of your product.

The major brands use our steel to keep their products

Our steel, always present at your home.

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Existen páginas falsas donde personas mal intencionadas están haciendo fraude a nombre de AHMSA. Hemos hecho las denuncias a las autoridades correspondientes, AHMSA No publica sus precios en su página web oficial ni redes sociales.

Altos Hornos de México se deslinda de cualquier delito que cometan estas personas. Si sabes de alguien o algo, denuncialo a las autoridades de tu localidad.

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