AMHSA Altos Hornos de México
Board of Directors

Corporate Governance Board of Directors

AHMSA’s Management is conferred to the Board of Directors. AHMSA bylaws set forth that the Board of Directors shall consist of the number of board members and alternate board members elected by the shareholders at the annual general ordinary shareholders’ meeting. Each one elected for a period of one year, and the bylaws set forth that most of the board members must be Mexican citizens. Alternate board members are authorized to serve in the Board of Directors  in the place of the board members that are not available to attend meetings, or otherwise participate in the activities of the Board of Directors.

Current members of AHMSA Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Alonso Ancira Elizondo Chairman of the Board

  • Xavier D. Autrey Maza Vice-chairman of the Board

  • Jorge Ancira Elizondo Board Member

  • José Eduardo Ancira Elizondo Board Member

  • James Pignatelli Board Member

  • Luis Guillermo Zazueta Domínguez Board Member Independent